And earn from 6,000 to 8,000 zl
a month working in a taxi
Робота водієм
у Варшаві
The largest water park in Ukraine 23 cities
1600+ cars
60 managers
Official representative of Bolt
2 cityes: Warsaw and Krakow
Official employer
75+ cars
Rent or work in car
Own office
We are in Ukraine
We are in Poland
Age from
20 years
rights from
one year
To rent a car in our company, you must meet the following requirements:
як почати
50 zl for Bolt/Uber service

8% VAT on net cash

(discount on rent)
80 trips – 50 ZL
130 trips – 250 ZL
160 trips – 300 ZL
190 trips – 400 ZL
in parts
Since we are the official partner of Bolt and Uber in Poland,
we have all the necessary permits and licenses
Discount on rent up to 400 zl
Return funds
for a medical

Large selection
of cars
Car rental in Warsaw by taxi

One of the most common ways to earn money is working in a taxi. For many citizens, a taxi is an affordable option to get to the desired place in a short time. If you are planning to go to work as a taxi driver in Poland, you should consider renting a car in Warsaw by taxi.
Today, taxi services are used by a large number of Poles, which causes the growth of offers on the market. Calling a taxi is now very simple, you can do it by phone, through a mobile application or websites. In addition, such work can bring good income. The main thing is that you have a comfortable and economical car to maintain. Renting a car under a taxi in Warsaw is an ideal solution if you do not have your own vehicle and want to get a job in a taxi.

What is the benefit of renting cars for working in a taxi?
A car for rent to work in a taxi in Warsaw can cost from PLN 500 per week. You can find a suitable option on our website. The price is mainly influenced by the make and model of the car, as well as the type of gearbox (automatic or manual) and the type of engine (hybrid, gasoline or gas).

In general, this format has a lot of advantages:
• the rented cars are fully prepared for the start of work in a taxi;
• maintenance, repair and other possible expenses are borne by the company's partner;
• renting a car to work in a taxi in the city of Warsaw opens up the opportunity to get a job for people who have not yet acquired their own vehicle, which is very important for people who have come to Poland to live or earn money.
In many cases, this service will be much more cost-effective when you factor in wear and tear, mileage and maintenance.
Working in a taxi is a great way to make money under any circumstances. But it will be only in that situation, if the car in operation has a high degree of reliability, safety, and convenience. It should not be forgotten that the car here is primarily a working tool, and not an ordinary vehicle.
GCAR - taxi car rental in Warsaw
Renting a car for working in a taxi in Warsaw is a popular service, because it guarantees a quick start - renting a car is cheaper and faster than buying a new one. And it's also a good choice if you don't want to repair and service your car, or your vehicle doesn't qualify for tariffs. This service allows every driver to start earning in the near future without having to buy a car and invest in it in the future.

Who can rent a car under a taxi:
A citizen who meets the basic requirements for taxi drivers by law. One of the main requirements is driving experience. Most often, a person who is 22 years old and has a driving experience of at least 2 years can hire a vehicle for work in Poland.
A person with a neat appearance. Companies that provide a car for rent under the name of a taxi are extremely careful about their own reputation. As a rule, they tend to deal with those who have a presentable appearance. People who prefer a business style in their clothes can get a car for work as a taxi driver without too much difficulty.
The one who wants to earn. It should be understood that renting cars for high-class taxis costs a considerable amount of money. To pay off the rent and, moreover, to earn more than the money spent, you will need to allocate a lot of time for this. There will definitely come a period when it will be profitable to work in a certain period of time. For example, at night and on holidays. The flow of customers increases during such periods, and the tariffs for taxi services increase. You need to be ready for it.
There is always a lot of work for any taxi driver. GCAR's large fleet allows you to choose the optimal class of passenger car and helps you save on costs. In the Polish capital, taxi drivers usually earn more than those who work in other cities. Working on a rented car will be a great source of income, moreover, it is always a quick start without significant investments.
What car to choose for working in a taxi?
The "GCAR" company provides an opportunity to rent a taxi car: hybrid, equipped with HBO, mechanical or automatic.
Some of the most popular cars that are often rented for work in the taxi service:
Renault Logan is a very successful option, based on relative simplicity and outstanding reliability of the design. Many people calmly drive a hundred or two hundred thousand kilometers on Renault.
Skoda Scala - is distinguished by a spectacular appearance, an updated platform, improved interior space and a rich list of options. Both the driver and his passengers feel comfortable and confident in it.
Skoda Spaceback is a compact station wagon with an economical engine and a spacious trunk. The car is pleasant to drive, in terms of comfort level it is not inferior to higher class models.
Skoda Rapid - has a modern appearance, a carefully thought-out organization of the cabin, gives a head start to competitors in terms of volume and organization of the luggage compartment. In addition, in most driving situations, the Rapid is quieter than many competitors.